Thursday, 22 June 2017

7 Things You Can Do To Sell Yourself despite Graduating With A 2.2

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This post is directed at the school teenagers who spend their time doing things that don’t matter. Many Nigerian students see the freedom which has been given to them as an opportunity to unleash whatever has been holding them down. Most have been caged for so long by their parents and see this as an opportunity to do what they have been visualizing.

When I was in school I heard a lot of things such as finishing with a good grade and all. I was excited and was filled with a lot of aspirations and dreams to finish with a first class or a 2.1, these were known as good grades and was going to give an edge in the market. Anything short of this was considered absolute failure and waste of time.

However, this doesn’t mean that graduates with a 2.2, third class or a pass won’t get jobs, but it is what they do after school that will determine how fast you can get a job. This are not laid down rules but pointers that can be followed to secure a dream job.

Check out the following things you can do to improve your chances to get that job.

Discover what you can do

This is not rocket science but a simple thought process. Take time to ask yourself what you can do, most times talent doesn’t happen unless it is put to test. Examination is not a true test of knowledge so don’t be discouraged. Look for other attributes and skills that you possess and put it into good use. Only then can you evaluate the response you get when applying for jobs. Most jobs nowadays don’t even look at grade they look at your soft skills, what you can bring to the table. Explore this and come up with a compelling CV.

Change your mindset

Your mindset is everything, if you feel you are a failure then indeed you are a failure. Never back down if you finish with something less than expected because there are people who even didn’t attend school but are doing well outside. You are who you think you are. When I was in school, I know some of my mates that didn’t show up for their convocation ceremony because they felt like failures. If your mindset is down then you can’t achieve anything. Dust your cv and start doing something.

Professional Certification are important

This cannot be overemphasized, education is evolving and so is the recruitment market. Most Hr experts do not joke with this aspect of recruitment. There are a lot of professional certifications out there. Look for the body that’s related to your course of study, register and become certified. The funny thing is that these courses are not expensive to do. This makes you become a member and increases your chances of been recognized since you will meet people who are already experts in the field.

Communication and interpersonal skills a must

Communication is a must if you want to sell yourself. 2.2 or less is not the end of life it is only a motivating tool to do better than people with a first class. You must be fluent in communication and your relations with others should not be rigid but flexible. Soft skills will go a long way to improve your ability to get that contact to your dream job. When it comes to situation when the interviewer is what stands between you and your dream job, it’s your communication skill that will bail you out in such situation. Interaction with others is a plus in this situation. Even if you the shy type try socializing with people and boost your confidence it will go a long way.


Just like my earlier point on socializing this comes next. After building the contacts via communication channels then have a networking attitude. This is an ongoing process that can come up when you are in a meeting with professionals in your field of studies or other avenues. Social media is Great Avenue to carry this out such as Facebook and LinkedIn which is for professionals. Have a good profile and attractive bio displaying your qualifications and experience.

This is not immediate but a gradual process. Most recruiters go to this medium to check for qualified and sound candidates to fill up necessary positions. Instead of wasting your time in dating sites and other irrelevant sites. Sign up today and start selling yourself.

Experience is the best teacher

There’s is a saying that you cannot give what you don’t have. What you know and can do cannot be taken from you. Experience gives you an edge over other candidates looking for the same position. Most companies don’t want to spend money training and the rest, they prefer candidates that they can employ immediately and they hit the ground running immediately. In as much as its difficult getting a co-up or internship in the multi-national companies, there are other places that you can volunteer to learn and be an expert. These advice goes especially to the youths and teenagers in higher institution in Nigeria, if you are doing your IT, try and learn all you can at that given time and try to maintain good relationship with the management of where you worked.

Drop your CV everywhere

Lastly, ensure you drop your CV everywhere you go. Print hard copies and share especially job recruitment websites. Opportunity can come anytime, be prepared for any job pending when you get to a stage when you can select the jobs that you want. Give your CV to friends to share to different employees and tailor your CV to the company you are applying too. Do not forget to pray for grace not withstanding as there are graduates that have gotten six figure jobs in places where they do not know anyone or even qualified.

I drop my pen at this junction, feel free to add yours

Friday, 27 January 2017

How Your Mentality Plays a Big Role in How You Are Perceived

Winning Mentality of a Team/ mentality playing a big role
Barclays Premier League Winner - Manchester United

Being an ardent football fan for one of the biggest football clubs in Europe. I sat down one afternoon watching my favourite team playing and could not erase a thought from my mind. I kept thinking of one word “Mentality”. I kept observing the spectators and I could see the joy and pride amongst the supporters. Even the commentator was making a remark about the winning mentality of the team and yes the word struck to my brain like glue. It was only normal for me to pick up my laptop to start writing. Now what is this mentality I am talking about?

Mentality is a salient framework by which we are being are perceived by any one we come across. How your mentality plays a big role cannot be over emphasized. Mentality can be defined as a way of thinking or the ability to think and learn. Our mental capacity directs our ability to communicate and socialize with people around us. If you have a mentality of a child then you will be perceived as a child. Even if you are a full grown adult, if you think like a child then you will be treated as such. I have seen people been referred to as children, the funny thing is they take offense because they are definitely not children but it’s not their fault as they grew up that way.

Your mentality cuts across various aspects of life. If you have the mentality to be poor then definitely you will be poor. If you have the mentality to be rich then you will be rich. Your brain is like the software of the body, whatever command you give to it; it will act towards achieving that. Goals don’t just manifest themselves they are a product of our thinking. Your mentality drives your actions. Your mentality makes things happen. If you have a mentality to be successful, then opportunities will present themselves for you to achieve that. Have you seen a situation when you wish for something to happen positively and it just happens like that without prior notice? That is our mentality working for us. Make a decision today to have the right thoughts.

The word”mental,” which means of the mind, or how your mind works can be measured through various test such as IQ test or through schooling test. Our mentality can improve as a result of experience too. As we grow through life we learn lessons which affect our mentality whether for good or bad. The mentality of a company or a business venture will have a say if that company will grow or not. The mentality of the founder needs to be instilled on the workers so that they can play into the strengths of the company. The mentality of the company is seen in its ideology which will also play in the core values. If the mentality is nothing to write home about then in no time will that venture be a shadow of itself.

Keying into this will go a long way in ensuring you live a life of your dreams. Success doesn’t come easily, it needs to be acquired and only if the mentality is right for it. That feeling when a football team makes that last minute equalizer or even a winning goal against all odds, that’s an example of a winning mentality. The zeal to never give up despite all odds is what differentiates the men from the boys. Even in other kind of sports it’s only common to see successful teams at the top of their games because of the collective positive mentality of the team and staff. This plays a big role in all their games throughout the season. Having a winning mentality does not start in a day it is something gained overtime and with experience.

Your mentality defines you to a great deal. You are a product of what you think and do. Your decisions are influenced by your mentality. It is warped around it like the web of a spider.  Why do you want to be a loser when you can be an amazing person with the right personality and attitude? When your mentality is the backbone of your thoughts then you are heading in the right direction.

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Positive thinking and positive mentality goes together if you think positively every time then you will attract good opportunities to yourself. When you continue in positivism then your mentality generally will talk for you. People will view you as a happy person. If you want to start making money you need to have a rich mentality and work towards that. Most successful people do not have a mentality of failure instead their mind is programmed towards winning. If you don’t have a winning mentality today strive to gain some. Begin by erasing negative thoughts from your mind from there you can start filtering your thoughts one at a time. This cuts across all works of life the power is in your hands and the decision lies with you.