Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Life Chronicles Part 4

MMM and its global influence and emergence.

Hello readers, on this chapter of life chronicles, I decide to come back to my home country and talk about the trending topic of this year which is the emergence of MMM which has affected everyone as a whole. MMM is a community of people providing financial help on the principle of benevolence. They provide help to one another. It was created to fight the unfair financial system. I had to check their website and understand what they are about and the ideology struck me to the bone as there are no visible proofs that they are not genuine. Even if the system is on a temporary break for a month I will use this article to motivate the participants to be steadfast and not listen to any negative advice or utterance as this will only make them doubtful.

MMM started about last year and it has grown widely in the country little wonder did the number of registered participants tripled in a few months. Every decision you take whether right or wrong will either make or mar you. For the participant that donated with his or her spare cash I am proud of you because the people that are making jest of you today are like stagnant water they are not making a move to change their financial status but are just waiting to castigate and ridicule you. Do not listen but keep on striving to be free, to be the best and the sky will be your starting point. You are better than someone who did not try at all. Even if you do not succeed at first you will at second trail.

It is not over not until the head is off, I have been deliberating for sometime why people act the way they do. Why do people make fun of others? Why do people derive joy in judging and seeing the downfall of another man?  You are in this world to make a mark and impact others to the fullest. I have been observing what has been happening recently in my country Nigeria. How there are schemes that promote independence, and financial freedom. These schemes have been widely accepted as they have the sole purpose of eradicating the unfair and unjust financial system.

This scheme has been proven to make the average man smile even without undergoing the hard pressures of life. I see youths embracing these schemes and I see testimonies about the benefit of joining these businesses. So I decided to see what it is all about. The ideology of MMM is very sound and it’s proven to have good intentions for the lay man. The masses can all be paid if everyone understands how to go about it. With proper rules and fine tuning this scheme will be embraced by all. I weep for this country as there is already a lot of suffering for the people. Nigeria is currently on recession and you wouldn’t blame people for looking for alternative means of income. I for one will support that boy or girl who has the zeal and ambition to do something for themselves.

It is worthy to note that not all network marketing schemes are safe as some are just there to exploit and take advantage of people. Fast forward a week ago and I heard that the system went for a break. Participants could not get help as the administrations wanted a balance in the system. But as you have it paid bloggers and media took advantage of this news and decided to make a whole lot of story from it. MMM has been helping lives and I have prove of that. Further investigation reveals that the system did not crash as propagated by the media. Instead the measures were taking to prevent any overload of the system during this festive season. Why castigate and laugh at the misfortunes of others.

Even the ordinary market woman will testify that this scheme has changed their life. I urge everyone to rally around and get people to register and be patient as nothing good comes easy. For you to become a man then you have to take risk and do things which you won’t normally find yourself doing. Learn to develop yourself more than you can think of. Read a book, learn a new language, travel and do something new every time.

Time waits for no one, the sooner you break the chain that holds you back the better the chances of breakthrough. I can vouch for fighters with an attitude never to give up. Life has a lot of things to teach us we just need to tap into it. There are several opportunities out there that present us with a chance to be financially free. It is left for you to take a chance or let the opportunity go begging. MMM took people by surprise but I strongly believe it will rise up once again. Do not lose hope as it is he who wears the shoe that knows where it pinches the most. I was talking to a man recently and he told me how he has tried so many networking schemes and none has worked for him, I advised him that there is a reason for everything but he started MMM and he benefited from the scheme. Even in the turn of events that has happened recently I was surprised that he is still confident about the whole situation.

However, keeping an open mind will help everyone. I am not in any way supporting people to engage in quick money making schemes but engage in business that have sound backing and a good ideology. If it works for you fine if it doesn’t strive for more. I urge you not to sit back and criticize people when they are down just to prove a point instead a little word of encouragement will do the magic. There are ups and downs in life.