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7 Ways to Stay Mentally Strong In Your Busy Life / Most People Will Never Know

Most of us go through life not realizing the toll it takes on us. We mask our emotions and we feel this overwhelming urge to give up when things don’t go right. I have seen a lot of situations where people resort to drugs and alcohol just to ease themselves out. Some even go as far as ending their lives since there’s nothing to fight for. This article will help in keeping our minds in check at all times in our busy lives.   Be grateful about your success. It is imperative for us to celebrate our success often. This keeps the mind mentally strong. Unwind and have fun, life is not to be taken that hard. If you are grateful about your success, it will give you the zeal to do more. Most people don’t think of rewarding themselves after they have achieved a milestone such as a promotion or a new job. This is counterproductive, having a couple friends over to celebrate with you or going out to have fun on a Saturday night will help in reducing the stress level
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Article That Will Change Your Life – Principles Of Life Challenges

  Stress free life Are you experiencing setbacks and obstacles every other day? My advice is to stay true to you, read signs and make appropriate decisions to curtail the situation. Time has a way of healing our wounds and if we persevere in hardships then we can rejoice in success. Motivations and inspirations come to people in difference scenarios and situations, some people are inspired by art, some by influencers and role models and while others by what they see or hear. These key motivators play a role in centering our thoughts to important things.   In life things get awry and bad especially when you put your mind into doing things for the best and give your all when faced with erring situations. Do not give up because that is the universe asking you to be strong and ready for future challenges, sometimes it can be a way for the universe to mold your life in such a way as to prevent any future problems and occurrence. Weeding out whatever wi

10 Things To Remember In Life

BEAUTIFUL LIFE Back with an article that will bring my readers to reality. I just had to write this piece because it’s something that affects everyone despite race, gender, color, sex or disposition. I took months from writing due to personal issues that were beyond my control. In living your best life, there are certain rules to follow to be happy, these are little rules which I will just outline and they are basically self- explanatory. The first thing to remember in life is: 1.      The Past is the past: I made this my first rule because it’s what holds a lot of people back, when things happen in our lives, we tend to ponder and become sad especially when it’s a bad experience due to a mistake or poor decision we took. The past cannot be changed so why not suck it up and move on. You learn from the experiences and move on. Most people can’t move on from the past that’s why they resort to all forms of negative actions such as suicide, crimes etc. there’s a reason why it

10 Best Time Management Skills You Should Learn Today

I decided to write about time management, I am guilty of this too always doing things at the last minute and sometimes sucking up when I am not able to complete the days job. So I came up with some time management skills that I adopted which helped me meet up my schedule and become more prompt and efficient. Successful entrepreneurs wake up early in the day, some as early as 4.00 am to plan their day and make the best out of it. It all depends on your mindset and what works for you. Some become more active in the evening and some in the morning. Am not going to dwell on the cliche of whether early birds are more successful than others; You may often feel like there is not enough time in a day. Perhaps you even find you constantly have to work late hours to hit your deadlines. Maybe you even feel too busy that you miss meals and sleep. These are all classic signs that you may not be managing your time effectively. Benjamin Franklin once said that time is money. Just

What To Do When You're Stuck in Making a Decision

Why do we have doubts in our minds when it’s time to make a very serious decision that will go a long way in affecting our minds? What holds us back from saying yes to a potential date? What influences our response and our decision making? All this lies in our mind, it’s the fear of failure and the unknown. Most times I tell my friends that the worst thing to do is not to do it.   It’s better to go for what we want rather than wasting time being indecisive. All of these sound intuitive, but can be overwhelming at the outset. If you have trouble deciding what comes next, it may be because you have not decided what you want. You might have studied for several years, or been in a relationship even longer, before realizing that you did not want to continue. Sometimes because of sunk cost bias, we will forgo the opportunity we truly desire because we believe we have already committed too much to another alternative. If you list out the pros and cons of both your optio

Why Working Smart is Better Than Working Hard

There are times when I sit down and reflect on this question - working hard or working smart. I have been a proponent of the first scenario and I can categorically say working hard has its pros and cons while working smart is the way of life of the successful men. When you work hard and break your back for a meager  pay cheque you are drained at the end of the work week. But the reverse is the case when you work smart, you will have time to do other things.  Traditionally, working hard is considered to be the cornerstone of achievement. You work hard at something, burn midnight oil, sweat and out run everyone else around you, to reach your goal. Maybe it's school, or grad school, or looking for a job. Maybe its learning a new skill, or improving an existing one for that manner. It has been well known, said a hundred thousand times and drilled into our heads - "if you want to succeed, work hard". "You have to burn midnight oil". &qu

6 Things To Quit Right Now

Most times we are bewildered by the things life throws at us and decided enough is enough. You don’t want to take it anymore. The overwhelming stress of what is happening pushes us to surrender our will power to the strains of life. By this post I am going to give six (6) things you need to quit right now and stop doing as it’s a recipe for failure and it will breed contempt and eventually pull you back. 1.      When we try to please everyone: We are what we think, you determine what people think about you, you are unique and being yourself makes you original. The moments you try to be someone you’re not then you have missed the point. A lot of people spend half their lives trying to please everyone and gain approval of everyone. This is not meant to last as the people you’re trying to please will see through your pretense. Learn to be original and stop living in the image of people you admire. 2.      The fear of change: The only thing constant in life is ch