Saturday, 20 July 2019

7 Ways to Stay Mentally Strong In Your Busy Life / Most People Will Never Know

Most of us go through life not realizing the toll it takes on us. We mask our emotions and we feel this overwhelming urge to give up when things don’t go right. I have seen a lot of situations where people resort to drugs and alcohol just to ease themselves out. Some even go as far as ending their lives since there’s nothing to fight for. This article will help in keeping our minds in check at all times in our busy lives.


Be grateful about your success. It is imperative for us to celebrate our success often. This keeps the mind mentally strong. Unwind and have fun, life is not to be taken that hard. If you are grateful about your success, it will give you the zeal to do more. Most people don’t think of rewarding themselves after they have achieved a milestone such as a promotion or a new job. This is counterproductive, having a couple friends over to celebrate with you or going out to have fun on a Saturday night will help in reducing the stress level in the brain. Not to mention social interaction will give you a sense of fulfillment from being in the company of others.


Stop comparing yourself to others:  Why do you look at other people’s life and compare to yourself? This puts unnecessary pressure on you, and there will be pressure to meet that person’s expectation. Despite the motivational this gives us, there are side effects. Take a look at your hands, are they equal? NO. That’s to say no two people are the same, we are all built differently, have different destinies etc. We see so much teens and young adults swayed by what they see online. The advent of social media has indirectly affected us. Always stay in your own lane and focus on your own goals. Your journey is different from every other person.


Be positive: A positive mind can withstand the test of time. To stay mentally strong you have to be optimistic in every situation. Positivity increases your self-esteem and removes all sorts of bad energy and vibes which will result from failure. The richest and most influential men and women in the world had a positive mindset. Even when they failed they kept on trying until they succeeded in achieving their goals.


Spend some time alone: it’s important to have time alone; this will heal your mind after a busy week. Just taking a moment to plan your life, going through every situation that has happened will help you in making better decisions. You can ponder on right or wrong decisions taken in the past. Meditation is key, that’s why monks and priest practice this act. It’s also widespread truth that yoga helps in keeping our mind alert.


Never argue with strangers:  This is self-explanatory. You don’t need all those drama in your life. Arguments can be a good mental exercise but only when it is healthy. When we argue we increase our brain activity, the cortisol levels rise which affects our emotions. 90 percent of the time, our emotions gets in the way of our sense of reasoning due to our passion for the subject matter. The increased stress in the brain doesn’t help in the long run. My advice is to stay out of unnecessary arguments which won’t bring any money to you except you’re a lawyer and its part of your job. Study shows that most arguments outside these echelons are detrimental to our mental health.


Declutter and throw away things you haven’t used in a long time: Our environment affects us in ways we do not know. A sane mind needs to breath. Decluttering helps in this regard. Clear out your room and house regularly. Take out things that are not in use. You can host a garage sale and have a few dollars back for the old stuff. We are so engaged in our busy life that we forget to get rid of old clothes, wares and appliances’ etc. there’s always someone out there that will need it.


Go to the gym: I decided to put this last but it’s also important. Working out controls your stress levels and keeps it in check. Focusing on you and having that work out is great for your overall mood and mental health. Sweating it out in the gym is another way to keep your mind off things that don’t matter.  If you don’t know what to do in the gym you can hire a gym coach and go through series of routines. You don’t necessarily need a gym membership to work out, 20 minutes every morning running around the block, doing some push-ups and cardio can be all you need to keep your mind mentally strong in a busy life.


Doing the above, will help keep a sane mind and improve your mental health. There are other things you can practice to have a strong mental health which I didn’t list above. Have a planned routine and practice the points above. In time it will become part of you.

Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Article That Will Change Your Life – Principles Of Life Challenges

Stress free life

Are you experiencing setbacks and obstacles every other day? My advice is to stay true to you, read signs and make appropriate decisions to curtail the situation. Time has a way of healing our wounds and if we persevere in hardships then we can rejoice in success. Motivations and inspirations come to people in difference scenarios and situations, some people are inspired by art, some by influencers and role models and while others by what they see or hear. These key motivators play a role in centering our thoughts to important things.


In life things get awry and bad especially when you put your mind into doing things for the best and give your all when faced with erring situations. Do not give up because that is the universe asking you to be strong and ready for future challenges, sometimes it can be a way for the universe to mold your life in such a way as to prevent any future problems and occurrence. Weeding out whatever will cause you more pain later in life.

It was a rainy evening today and a bad one for me. I was working and there just seemed to be something off about this day. From nagging customers to incorrect orders, everything just seemed off. I did the best I could do in such situation. Most times days are not going to go as planned and eventually you think back and realize there are some things you could have done better. Every man has a responsibility to take care of issues but not everyone is mentally capable of doing what is right in the given situation.


I got home feeling terrible and while lying down on my sofa, I realized I should have done better, these didn’t put me down but it’s a yardstick to avoid such occurrence in the future. I thought of how things would have gone better if only I did this or that. I was feeling bad already before I started work and it affected my day generally. This bad mood spread and created a chain reaction to every single interaction I had on this day.

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It’s obvious that whatever we project to the universe it returns to us in other ways. If you’re a happy and positive person then you can hardly go wrong in this game called life. If you’re grumpy fellow who is hard to please, then you should expect a lot of tough choices and issues coming your way, and besides we all know karma is a bitch. I wasn’t in the best of mood that evening and you see how it turned out for me. Nobody is perfect we are all humans and are susceptible to mistakes. We are frail and infallible. We love and have hearts which makes us unique but weak when it matters the most.


We continue the fight in this game called life, we try to trust one another and love the most because that’s the only sane way to go through this cruel and brutal world full of killings and hatred. But what happens even in that little world of ours, we are betrayed by the same person we trust the most?  You guessed right, we become devastated and confused. We question ourselves, our loyalty and decisions. This I can say is a painful scenario because we wish we didn’t start loving in the first place. My advice in such situations is to pick the good out of it and forget about the bad stuff. I ask myself questions like; what did I learn from this? What can I do to prevent this from happening? I do a thorough examination of conscience and whatever I deduce from it. I use as a guide in future decisions.


Most men are a poor judgement of character; we don’t want to see the bad in people just because we want to protect our interest. This is normal because the human mind is structured this way. Great things will only happen if we have a control of our mind and channel the over flowing resources to work for us. Life throws us a lot of test but our ability to use these test and learn from them is what matters. Channeling our thoughts and using it as an advantage in this game called life is the deal.


Friday, 23 November 2018

10 Things To Remember In Life

Llife/Rules/10 things to remember in life

Back with an article that will bring my readers to reality. I just had to write this piece because it’s something that affects everyone despite race, gender, color, sex or disposition. I took months from writing due to personal issues that were beyond my control. In living your best life, there are certain rules to follow to be happy, these are little rules which I will just outline and they are basically self- explanatory. The first thing to remember in life is:

1.     The Past is the past: I made this my first rule because it’s what holds a lot of people back, when things happen in our lives, we tend to ponder and become sad especially when it’s a bad experience due to a mistake or poor decision we took. The past cannot be changed so why not suck it up and move on. You learn from the experiences and move on. Most people can’t move on from the past that’s why they resort to all forms of negative actions such as suicide, crimes etc. there’s a reason why it’s called the past. Be strong and stop wallowing in your foolishness.

2.     Opinions don’t define you: why do people care about other people opinion. The moment we stoop so low to listen and allow peoples comments and views affect us then we become slaves to them. This is an inherent character seen among our young ones especially in high schools. This can stick with them for life and cause a stigma which will in turn lead to low self-esteem. Be proud of who you are despite whatever flaws you may have. Don’t listen to people who do not have the power to make or mar you.

3.     Everyone’s journey is different: yes, all our fingers are not equal so is our journey in life. Do not compare yourself with your friends because it’s going to make you feel like a failure. Appreciate life and go with your pace, do not use this as an excuse to not seek an education or get a job. You might notice your friends getting a master or getting married, but that’s how life is. Your time will come just keep focused and be strong and be ready for it.

4.     Things get better with time: Time heals all wounds; eventually everything will fall into place and make sense. Time is a factor that cannot be challenged. Even great men were not born great, they developed themselves and worked hard to be recognized in the society and it was all a factor of time. Give it your best and time will tell where you will be in 5 to 10 years from now. But why not plant the seed of success today.

5.     Positive thoughts are your friend: Positive thoughts create positive things. When we find ourselves thinking positively it impacts positively in our lives. I do this all the time and it has helped. Try to be optimistic and see how things turn out to be good.

6.     You fail only if you quit: Never say die attitude has earned the best deals for us. Never give up even if the situation is dire and needs a life line. Keep on hustling and never quit because if you quit you fail. Keep on going and the universe will reward your hard work eventually. Remember Quitters don’t win.

7.     Do not Overthink: Overthinking is not good for us because it leads to sadness. Action people accept the failures and move on. Pondering on issues puts a break in our lives. Hence it is important to think less and act more.

8.     Kindness is free: It pays to be good and when we are good to ourselves and to others we attract favours from the universe. It is free to be kind. Positive energy begets positive outcomes. As we mark Thanksgiving today go out there and give the less privilege some food and clothes to keep them warm. Many of us have a lot of spare clothing we don’t use. Give them out; unclog your closet and show someone love today.

9.     Smiles are Contagious: Smiles are contagious and it helps uplift our spirits and that of others. It relaxes our nerves and makes us look beautiful. When we do not smile we push people away and keeping a sad demeanor won’t do you any favours as it makes you miss your luck and opportunity. So keep smiling and affect someone’s life positively today.

10.                        Happiness is found within: There’s a lot to be happy about, for instance looking at this scenario, if you have food in your fridge, clothes on your body, a roof over your head and a place to sleep, you’re richer than 75% of the entire world. If you have money in your wallet, a little change and you can go anywhere you want, you are among the 18% of the world’s wealthy people. If you are alive today with more health than illness, you are more blessed than the million people who will not survive this week and die. Life is not about complaining a pain and sorrows. It’s about a thousand other reasons to be grateful and happy. So why are you not happy?

If you can actually “READ” this message and understand it, you are more fortunate than the 3 billion people in the world who cannot see, cannot read or suffer from mental retardation. There you have it 10 things to remember in life. Keep striving and one day you will be where you want to be.

Thursday, 28 June 2018

10 Best Time Management Skills You Should Learn Today

Time Management/ Productivity/ Skills

I decided to write about time management, I am guilty of this too always doing things at the last minute and sometimes sucking up when I am not able to complete the days job. So I came up with some time management skills that I adopted which helped me meet up my schedule and become more prompt and efficient. Successful entrepreneurs wake up early in the day, some as early as 4.00 am to plan their day and make the best out of it. It all depends on your mindset and what works for you. Some become more active in the evening and some in the morning. Am not going to dwell on the cliche of whether early birds are more successful than others;

You may often feel like there is not enough time in a day. Perhaps you even find you constantly have to work late hours to hit your deadlines. Maybe you even feel too busy that you miss meals and sleep. These are all classic signs that you may not be managing your time effectively. Benjamin Franklin once said that time is money. Just like money, time must be managed properly. If you manage time properly you find the right balance between your work, leisure and rest time. You effectively accomplish the things that matter most in your life. On top of that, you reduce your stress level and feel a lot happier. To help you manage time more effectively, here are ten proven time management skills you should learn today.

1. Set Goals: Goals give you a vision, focus and destination to work towards. They help you have a clear mind on where you want to go and how best to manage your time and resources to get there. By setting goals, you are able to identify what’s worth spending your time on and what’s a distraction to avoid. Start by asking yourself where you want to be in six months time. You can go further and look at where you want to be in the next year or even decade from now. Set personal and professional goals that are realistic and achievable. This is a crucial step toward ensure you manage your time better.

2. Prioritize your goals: Prioritizing cannot be overemphasized when it comes to effective time management. It can be difficult to know what tasks to tackle first, especially when a flood of tasks all seem urgent. It is, however, relatively easy to prioritize activities if you have clear goals already set. Ask yourself three basic questions to know what tasks should take first priority: Why am I doing this task or activity? How does this task help me achieve my goals? To what extent does this task I’m doing help me achieve my goals? Do the most important things first.

3. Keep a Task List: A task list (or “to-do list”) is a reminder system that tells you when you need to do what. Keeping a to-do list helps you remain organized and on top of things. It helps break things down into small, manageable tasks or steps so that you never forget to do the important stuff. Don’t try to remember everything you need to do in your head. In most cases, trying to remember everything won’t work. Instead, keep a to-do list. A simple daily, weekly or monthly planner on a note pad or diary can do. Write down the things you need to do, including meetings, appointments and deadlines. Prioritize items on your list by listing items in order of importance from high priority to low priorities items or highlighting urgent or important tasks on your list with an asterisk. Cross out completed tasks as often as you add new tasks on your task list to ensure you keep moving forward.

4. Schedule Tasks: A schedule defends from chaos and whim,” says author Annie Dillard. If you are a morning person and find you are at your most creative and productive early in the morning, schedule high-value tasks in the morning at your peak creative/productive time. If your creativity and energy picks up when the sun is setting, schedule high priority tasks then. Your “down” time can be scheduled for less important tasks like checking e-mail or returning phone calls. Understand your rhythm of peak and dead times and schedule tasks appropriately to make the most of peak times. Remember you don’t find time for important things; you make time for important things best by scheduling.

5. Focus on One Task at a Time: You get more done in the least time possible when you toggle between talking on your cell phone, browsing the internet and jotting down notes, right? Wrong! According to a study published by the American Psychological Association, you actually spend between 20 and 40 percent more time when you multitask. Besides costing you time and efficiency, multitasking can also reduce the quality of your work, you don’t get on top of your workload by multitasking. Focus more on completing one task at a time. Completing tasks in sequence one at a time leads to better use of time, says I find out that doing one task at a time saves me on time besides, I allow my brain focus and rest in between as so many things can go wrong when you multitask too much.

6. Minimize Distractions: Whether it’s client e-mail alerts, phone calls from friends or IM chats with prospects while working, distractions are a hindrance to effective use of time. Distractions break your concentration, lower your productivity and often prevent you from completing important tasks on time. They can also cause stress .Identify what is distracting you from doing core tasks and put a stop to it. Kill that television and turn off your Internet connection and IM chat. Put up a “Do not disturb” or similar sign at the entrance of your dedicated work space to prevent interruptions. Just do whatever it takes to minimize distractions. This ensures you take control of your days and maximizes your productivity.

7. Overcome Procrastination: Procrastination to me is a sin however you may think of it, I don’t like doing that because I tend to forget to do that it later. I believe in just doing it when it comes. Edward Young, the English poet best remembered for Night Thoughts, once said procrastination is the thief of time. Don’t put off tasks that you should be focusing on right now and let procrastination steal your time. Remind yourself that the best time to do somethings is usually NOW. Push yourself a little harder to beat procrastination and get what needs to be DONE. An effective strategy to beat procrastination is to tell yourself you are only going to embark on a project for a few minutes, say ten minutes. Once you start the project, your creative juices will start flowing. You will then find you want to continue with the task and quite possibly take it to the end. The trick to beat procrastination can be as simple as devoting a small amount of time to start. 

8. Take Breaks: Unless you are Superman, you can’t sustain working long hours on end without burning out and sacrificing on quality. However tempting it may be to work to a deadline for 8-10 hours straight, take breaks in between work. This way you give your brain valuable time to rest and recharge. Taking breaks from work is not time wasting. It is smart time management. You produce top quality work when you are well rested. Squeeze short breaks in between work for down-time. Ideally, take a five minute break every hour or two to rest and think creatively. You may set an alarm to remind you when your break is due. Stop working and just sit and meditate at your desk or go out for a cup of coffee or short walk. Don’t forget to give yourself ample time for lunch too. You can’t work optimally on an empty stomach.

9. Say “No”: This is my favorite one , One skill that many high achievers like President Obama, Bill Gates have mastered is the gentle art of saying “no” to things that are not a priority. Saying “no” to things that are not a priority allows you to focus on those things that are really important. You only have exactly 24 hours in a day to do the things that matter. If you don’t learn to say “no” to things that are not important, other peoples’ priorities will precede your own and you will be swamped with far too many projects and commitments. Say “no” amicably to everything that doesn’t support your values or help you achieve your goals. You have the right to say “no” no matter who you are talking to. When you get better at saying “no,” you put you time to good use and defend yourself from rushed work, poor performance and work overload.

10. Delegate Tasks: The old adage by 17th century author John Donne that no one is an island still holds true today. You can’t manage everything on your own. Sometimes it is prudent to let other people help you with tasks, especially when you are swamped. You save time, reduce stress and accomplish a lot more when you assign tasks to the right people. Relinquish your grip on the wheel and grant authority with responsibility to qualified people. Delegating is not dumping. Give tasks with consequences. This way you promote accountability and ensure goals and deadlines are met.