Life Chronicles

Part 1

Welcome to my blog, I am here to share my experiences and motivational speeches to my readers alike. I have been asked several times to create a blog by my friends and superiors alike as I have a passion in writing. My knowledge is diverse and it covers different aspects of life.

Freedom of expression has made us understand that we are unique beings. I have learnt continuously that it is always good to showcase what you feel so that everyone can learn from it. We constantly struggle with obstacles in life that we forget to live life to its fullest. 

i have observed that people do not want to be left out on situations because of the fear of being castigated and labeled as a black sheep, forgetting that their uniqueness stem from their individuality. it is only when you harness your inner chi that you can determine how the mind works.

No one is made lesser than the other, it is the ability to exploit our strengths and improve on our weakness that matters. This singular factor distinguishes everyone. We are born different.

More updates to follow....

Part 2

Hello readers I recently came across several advertisements both on social media and other platforms. My friends were not left out they approached me with different tantalizing business proposals and offers about different multilevel marketing opportunities. I listened with keen interest and was mesmerized with the many possibilities to earn a good amount of money in a few months.

I found out that most offer a lot of incentives but none could be achievable without hard work some of these incentives include:  registering with a onetime fee, getting financial freedom, paid trips around the world, Electronics and car rewards after ascertaining certain levels etc.

Upon close investigation, I noticed that most have a pyramid reward scheme, which involves referring people and registering them as your down lines and being rewarded as they grow etc. I see this as an opportunity for people to be in charge of their future. The way you grow is fully dependent on your ability to recruit people, work hard and in some cases sell the company’s products.

A Networking chain

While I may fault the motive behind these companies to exploit people with their mouth watering promises and rewards, I won’t doubt that this is the direction the world is going towards. Imagine going to work on a Monday morning and your boss who woke up on the wrong side of the bed begins to rain abuses on you or even gives you a query. People may argue that this is a normal occurrence in any work setting but the truth cannot be hidden that when you work for yourself no one can make you feel bad.

As the world embraces affiliate marketing, I had a sober reflection on how I was going to exploit this new opportunity. I came up with these words of encouragement that I am not too young to own a business. If you look at the richest man in the world, Bill Gates for instance and other business mogul, they started young and did what they loved doing and subsequently earned a living from it. Take a decision today to be your own boss and start enjoying what you do.

Network marketing is a sure way to wealth creation

After reflecting on the above points ask these questions;

Ø  What do I have passion for?
Ø  What do I enjoy doing?
Ø  What takes my time?
Ø  What do I do for pleasure?
Ø  What are my hobbies?

The answers to the above questions will give you an idea of where your journey to financial freedom will originate from.  Your next point of call is to plan on how to carry out this passion. As we know he who fails to plan, plans to fail.

The Richest people in the world build Networks

It’s worthy to note that there are several ways to create wealth and am not in any way advertising any multilevel marketing company I am only saying it’s one of the many ways to financial freedom.


A Blogger's Mind

A Review Of Blogging Process and Tips

So I started blogging for the past two weeks now and my experience has been worthwhile. Though it has not been a smooth journey, I came to realize that it’s easier said than done. Apart from the regular writers block there’s a whole lot to blogging. After i decided to use blogger offered by Google, I am still learning new things every day.  I thought it was going to be easy dishing out a 400 character post but that’s not the case. To rank in Google search engines it’s required for your articles to be at least 2000 characters. The more characters the better. Not to forget that you need quality content. I thought I had lost my muse after I felt totally blank without an idea of what to write.

My greatest question in blogging is, how do I know what niche to specialize on? I am still writing on a variety of things till I get to know what I am good at.  I love to help and advice people so I am sticking mostly to motivational and inspirational messages for now.  I have read about the saturated nature of some niches and also how some niches get more readership and monetary advantages over others.  I am sticking to what I know and can use to impact on my readers.  I am still figuring this aspect out too.  I don’t have a strong social media followership but I tend to share my articles with facebook and also ask some of my friends to share too. I have concluded that the hardest thing to do is convincing people to read your content.  If you have the trust then you have the followers, if you have followers you have traffic, if you have traffic then you have the opportunity to earn a living from blogging.

Two weeks back, I was feeling I had completed the developments for a blog.  Yeah, I had a good blog design with a nice template; I had added gadgets to my side bar. I carried out different changes and tweaks on my side bars to ensure it was presentable, I tested gadgets and widgets on my site removed the ones that didn’t work. I even started experimenting with CSS and HTML codes. I came up with a fairly site which I built on my own with no prior knowledge of website design before now. Fast forward today, the main question is how to increase traffic to my young site. After checking countless blogs on how to go about this ordeal I came across tips from famous bloggers like Harsh Agrawal. I applied these tips but only went as far as nipping the bud.

As if it wasn’t enough, I now learnt that to get traffic you must know at least the basics of SEO (search engine optimization). This is the most baffling of them all. From creating a great website to optimizing the key words, steps you cannot avoid if someone needs traffic in his site. This would improve my sites rank in Google all things being equal. I can imagine that everyone wants traffic, imagine spending hours and days researching for that killer article and after you publish it, no one comments.  It feels like heartbreak. I just feel the content was not good enough to appeal to my readers or even wasn’t ranking high in search engines for people to see it. However I continue my quest in getting a killer content. It was around this period I applied for the Google adsense program. I wasn’t surprised it was disapproved for insufficient content.  I now made it my mission to publish more articles and get approval when next I applied for adsense, I had also read about banner adverts and affiliate opportunities for monetization.

A review of blogging and its challenges

What about Meta tags and Meta descriptions, a short phrase or sentence that depicts what an article is about they usually appear under a topic in search engines.  It was made up of at most 150 characters, which may include few key words. Then I heard of Google webmaster tools, I am still fascinated by it because it is so complex for a rookie like me to understand. I was required to verify the ownership of my blog; I chose the second option which required me to place a code in my site for Google to verify. After that, I learnt how to submit my sitemap. Funny enough, I had this notion that blogging was all about writing something up and pressing enter just like updating a Facebook status little did I know I just started my journey more was to come. It wasn’t over as I needed to add my site to two other big search engines, Bing and Yahoo.  I was like, oh! So I need to go through this daunting task again.  I registered successfully with Bing and added my site map. I heard that Bing and yahoo are linked so I was glad I didn’t have to add my site to yahoo anymore since I was registered with Bing already.

The use and application of Meta Tags in blogging

A whole new experience to me, but I am enjoying the journey I have loved to write right from time, what better time to start using my talent. I have joined other blog groups on facebook to learn more from the experience bloggers.  I guess I have a lot to learn from them.  I follow other blogs that have high followership and have a high ranking for both Alexa and Google etc.  I learn from those sites and see what they are doing, then use the knowledge to be more creative in my own blog. I also learnt about writing articles on other blogs as guest authors which will help improve the traffic of my own blog through back links etc.

In conclusion, it’s not easy being a blogger, most will quit after the first two weeks especially when their post are ignored without comments, shares or feedbacks. As we know feedbacks can either be positive or negative.  But a true blogger will strive until he gets to the top. I strive to improve my blog experience to my mobile users, Android, Windows and Blackberry.  This is for the sole reason that a lot of people use their phones to do most things online. I may not have covered up a lot of ground concerning blogging but am writing my major experiences as a professional blogger. Expert Advises and inputs are encouraged from my esteemed readers. My source is my mind; I know its good enough to impact on my readers.

Part 4

MMM and its global influence and emergence.

Hello readers, on this chapter of life chronicles, I decide to come back to my home country and talk about the trending topic of this year which is the emergence of MMM which has affected everyone as a whole. MMM is a community of people providing financial help on the principle of benevolence. They provide help to one another. It was created to fight the unfair financial system. I had to check their website and understand what they are about and the ideology struck me to the bone as there are no visible proofs that they are not genuine. Even if the system is on a temporary break for a month I will use this article to motivate the participants to be steadfast and not listen to any negative advice or utterance as this will only make them doubtful.

MMM started about last year and it has grown widely in the country little wonder did the number of registered participants tripled in a few months. Every decision you take whether right or wrong will either make or mar you. For the participant that donated with his or her spare cash I am proud of you because the people that are making jest of you today are like stagnant water they are not making a move to change their financial status but are just waiting to castigate and ridicule you. Do not listen but keep on striving to be free, to be the best and the sky will be your starting point. You are better than someone who did not try at all. Even if you do not succeed at first you will at second trail.

It is not over not until the head is off, I have been deliberating for sometime why people act the way they do. Why do people make fun of others? Why do people derive joy in judging and seeing the downfall of another man?  You are in this world to make a mark and impact others to the fullest. I have been observing what has been happening recently in my country Nigeria. How there are schemes that promote independence, and financial freedom. These schemes have been widely accepted as they have the sole purpose of eradicating the unfair and unjust financial system.

This scheme has been proven to make the average man smile even without undergoing the hard pressures of life. I see youths embracing these schemes and I see testimonies about the benefit of joining these businesses. So I decided to see what it is all about. The ideology of MMM is very sound and it’s proven to have good intentions for the lay man. The masses can all be paid if everyone understands how to go about it. With proper rules and fine tuning this scheme will be embraced by all. I weep for this country as there is already a lot of suffering for the people. Nigeria is currently on recession and you wouldn’t blame people for looking for alternative means of income. I for one will support that boy or girl who has the zeal and ambition to do something for themselves.

It is worthy to note that not all network marketing schemes are safe as some are just there to exploit and take advantage of people. Fast forward a week ago and I heard that the system went for a break. Participants could not get help as the administrations wanted a balance in the system. But as you have it paid bloggers and media took advantage of this news and decided to make a whole lot of story from it. MMM has been helping lives and I have prove of that. Further investigation reveals that the system did not crash as propagated by the media. Instead the measures were taking to prevent any overload of the system during this festive season. Why castigate and laugh at the misfortunes of others.

Even the ordinary market woman will testify that this scheme has changed their life. I urge everyone to rally around and get people to register and be patient as nothing good comes easy. For you to become a man then you have to take risk and do things which you won’t normally find yourself doing. Learn to develop yourself more than you can think of. Read a book, learn a new language, travel and do something new every time.

Time waits for no one, the sooner you break the chain that holds you back the better the chances of breakthrough. I can vouch for fighters with an attitude never to give up. Life has a lot of things to teach us we just need to tap into it. There are several opportunities out there that present us with a chance to be financially free. It is left for you to take a chance or let the opportunity go begging. MMM took people by surprise but I strongly believe it will rise up once again. Do not lose hope as it is he who wears the shoe that knows where it pinches the most. I was talking to a man recently and he told me how he has tried so many networking schemes and none has worked for him, I advised him that there is a reason for everything but he started MMM and he benefited from the scheme. Even in the turn of events that has happened recently I was surprised that he is still confident about the whole situation.

However, keeping an open mind will help everyone. I am not in any way supporting people to engage in quick money making schemes but engage in business that have sound backing and a good ideology. If it works for you fine if it doesn’t strive for more. I urge you not to sit back and criticize people when they are down just to prove a point instead a little word of encouragement will do the magic. There are ups and downs in life.