Tuesday, 20 September 2016

8 Bad Habits That Will Steal Your Joy ( When You Least Expect )

8 bad habits that will steal your joy when you least expect
Bad Habits That Steal Your Joy

Everyone has that habit that makes them different. Habits control our way of life and it has a great influence on our emotions depending on the situation. Habits are formed over time. Our thoughts and mind are in control of our well being. Often times we find ourselves participating in a negative behavior which we may or may not be conscious of because our subconscious mind is already used to this negative pattern. These common habits can steal our happiness if we engage in them. Below are few of the bad habits and how to overcome them.

Constant thoughts of the past

It is called the past for certain reasons meaning that whatever you do cannot change it. You find yourself feeling gloomy about a mistake which you could have avoided. This makes you sad because your mind is now focused on that sad experience which causes negative energy to form around you. Why do you constantly re-live your past? Embrace your past and get over it.  To relieve yourself from this burden, think about your present situation, satisfy yourself that things happen for a reason and let it go.

Worrying about tomorrow

We constantly find ourselves worrying about the future when we know we have little influence on how it unfolds. Live for the presence and be at peace. I am not saying planning for the future is not a good thing, you can plan for it but don’t over indulge in it to the extent that it steals our joy from us. Enjoy the present and know that the tomorrow will take care of itself.
Do not worry too much as our lives has been mapped out. Think about how to make the present beautiful so that the future will be comfortable as well.

Comparing yourself to others

We often give ourselves emotional trauma when we constantly compare ourselves to other people. We are all born differently and we need to remind ourselves that all fingers are not equal. In our great quest to be like that friend we constantly wish to be like, we tend to do things that are not comfortable for us and end up disappointed. We are all unique in our different ways and we have our own strength and weaknesses. You will be surprised that the awesome person we are trying to comparing ourselves too, will be admiring something in us. This habit is common among teenagers in high school. Instead of feeling jealous about that person why not use that as a motivation to be like that person. Comparing yourself to others will only steal your joy in the long run.

Being too serious about life

Yes! You are too serious about life. This is a bad habit that will drain you of your emotional strength. I wonder why we take life that we have little influence over to seriously. Live life to its fullest, live everyday like its your last day on earth, unwind and have fun, relax and give yourself a break from the everyday hassle. We are in this life to learn and make mistakes and we learn from these mistakes. Anytime you see yourself making mistakes laugh over it and give yourself a pat in the back because next time you wont repeat that same mistake.

Living a borrowed life

Who cares what you do? We are all in this world to make a mark that is why everyone is part of a whole. It is our own unique attributes that bring a complex situation together. Do not live a borrowed life, do not copy or pretend to be someone you are not. Boost your self esteem and let your light shine. The moment you discover your self-worth then you will be totally free to impact in the society. Even if you look at someone as your rival, the best you can do is recognizing your own strengths, building on it to bring out the real you. You will be surprised how this works like magic.

Being a perfectionist

Nothing steals our joy faster than the quest for perfection. Failures are proofs that we are human beings. No one is perfect but we find people that strive for perfection. They go all the way to make things perfect even though it is through illegal means. if this is not done their urge is unsatisfied. It is only robots that we know are perfect and even robots malfunction some times. It is necessary for you to embrace your mistake and live a life of joy. Be a learner and ask questions. it is only by asking questions you tend to learn and be the best in that endeavor.

Working without zeal

Working for no pay or pay that cannot cater for your needs and that of your family is disastrous and frustrating. The economic problems and hardship in the country is enough to make someone go mad. Don’t give up on your dreams; look for a job that will help you financially.  Choose a job you love doing and engage in it. There is a feeling you get when you are in the wrong industry. for instance, imagine an Engineer working in the bank. You find yourself working just because there is no alternative. This habit will continue to ruin your joy except you make a decision to switch to something better. What are you going to do in such situation?

Bottling up your feelings

You need to express yourself to ensure relief. This will ensure a light heart. why carry such load of burden about? Bottling up feelings will allow them to build up and cause problems. if you bottle them up it will eventually blow up one day. If you are burdened about an issue it is better to let it out irrespective of what people will feel. 

There you have it 7 bad habits that steal our joy. What is the one thing you can change about your life? Make a decision today and take life easy as it comes; the change begins with you.