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7 Tips For Job Hunters After A Job Loss

Tips For Job Hunters After A Job Loss
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It is worthy of note that a sudden job loss can be a very weary situation and trying time. Most people break down after this experience because it is unexpected. There are worries of what to do next, how to carry on etc. Individuals going through this situation should not feel bad or shy because a job loss can happen to anyone irrespective of his status. The most important thing is how to move on. In life, as far the clock is still ticking there is hope. My previous article was on multilevel network marketing as a means of gaining wealth, in this article, I am going to provide seven tips on how to secure another job after a sudden job loss.

I used this as my first point because despair can creep in anytime. Waking up every morning and seeing your neighbor and friends going to work and your not is enough to drive someone crazy, taking a look at your closet then you will realize that the clothes you normally wear to work are not left out from the mess. The first week can be very difficult as you adapt to the changes but what is most important is the ability to raise your morale and do something that will raise your mood. Go out and visit friends, read a book etc this will help you forget the pains and keep your spirits high.

It’s a common practice for people that are recently laid off to lay low and keep a low key because they see it as a failure on their part. This is contrary to the fact that companies lay off every time. It is worthy to note that 70 percent of jobs are gotten through referrals. If you don’t tell anyone you’re looking for a job how will you be connected? The ability to talk to people will increase your chances of getting the next job. So get up talk to people and increase your chances.

Facebook is a strong tool for showcasing ones talents and a lot of opportunities are there. There are ways in which you can get in touch with your old pals via facebook and get them to assist with job opportunities. There are whatsapp groups you can join and even bbm channels you can subscribe too that can increase your chances of getting that next job. If you’re interested in a company you can carry out a facebook search on the search bar of that company and follow them.

Twitter is a very strong place to get job alerts. There are dozens of job feeds for particular companies, industries. A simple twitter search to find relevant ones using job search for example #jobsearch can do the trick or you can use only your key words. There are twitter apps that deliver targeted job openings directly to you.  Another way job hunters can use twitter is to broaden their network by sharing ideas and tips with other job seekers and pros. As you follow others and post tweets you can increase your online presence.
I chat with twitter friends I’ve never met and we help each other on different topics and ideas.

For job hunters this cannot be overemphasized, LinkedIn is the only social media network where professionals meet and getting a profile is non- negotiable. You get to build your resume and add your job experience, skills etc in your profile. LinkedIn still has other interesting features that can be exploited to your taste.
The profiles of other professionals can be checked to get an idea of how to tailor yours;  but ensure that it is someone in the same professional field. Build connections with prospective employers and follow favorite companies.
Fill out your job search templates this will help in filtering the kind of job alerts that LinkedIn sends to you. You can even send messages to prospective Hr managers in LinkedIn for openings in their companies or industries.

Your resume is a representation of you. This should be updated to include the latest achievements, work experience, skills etc. your profile should be carefully edited and proof read by a professional to avoid mistakes and common errors. This is to enable hiring managers be interested in sending you an invite. I won’t delve into this too much as another article will be focused on how to tailor your resume to be more attractive to hiring managers.

I used this as my last point because its importance cannot be overemphasized. The power of prayer is evident in our daily lives. Job seekers need to be prayerful and have a strong zeal to never give up. Once there is life there is hope. Everyone must have faith that all things works unto good.
However there must be faith that things will be better and it will surely be.  I can remember when I was going through similar situations and how words of encouragements coming from family members and friends helped me through the trying situation.

Losing a job can be frustrating but it is your immediate family and friends that will guide you through the journey. They should be kept closer as their presence will help in the transition. The steps mentioned above are simple ways of securing that next big job. Make sure that you use this opportunity to build out your network. Improve on your skills, get professional qualifications relevant to your industry with the time you have now. Because one of the things we have learned is that jobs come and go but your resolve will never leave.

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