Sunday, 18 September 2016

10 Helpful Habits That Will Ensure Your Happiness

10 Helpful Habits That Will Ensure Your Happiness

We often think of how our lives will be impacted when everything is in place. You often dream of that perfect life with no hiccups whatsoever. However you are burdened with so many setbacks in achieving this scenario. Your life is a product of your characters which are also a product of your habits. In this article, I will be highlighting ten habits that will ensure our happiness. Happiness is already in your ability, we all have habits, and they either work for us or hinder us. Deep down in our mind if we should be sincere we can deduce those habits that are working to serve us or those that are working to hold us back.  We are a reflection of our habits.

1.      Practice forgiveness

I made this my first point because of its importance.  In this life there is a very strong possibility that we will be hurt by people as no one is perfect. We all argue and have disagreements.  The best way for overcoming this emotional prison is to let go. This habit can steal your happiness because it makes you unstable and the energy and stress you will put yourself through remembering that person that offended you can be channeled into something better. Holding grudges will steal your happiness. Conflict is a part of life. Learn to forgive quickly, forget and live a life free of grudge.

2.      Connect and schedule quality time

We should have time for ourselves to unwind.  Most of us are always busy with responsibilities that we forget the motive for living. Living our life like it’s a routine is not a good way to live life. We forget we have families that need love and care. We are always busy with work that we can’t even go for a weekend trip to see our loved ones. That quality time with that special person cannot be over emphasized. Create time to see them and see happiness revolve around your life. You often notice people that have garnered all the wealth in the world and still don’t find joy. This is just one of those little habits you have been indulging in.  If you’re guilty of this pick up your phone and make a call to that special person and pour out your heart.

3.      Unwind and have fun

There are various ways of having fun.  By fun I mean, hooking up with friends and cooling off.  You can use a Friday night and hang out. Gist and talk about how the busy week has been. Let off steam and reduce the bottled up stress in your body.  Dance to music and free up your mind. Be free and be social. Try not to be too serious, this is the time you need to be that jovial lady or dude not the serious boss in the office. Connect with your friends and customers. Laugh uncontrollably as we know it is the best medicine and can do wonders for your life.

4.      Live your life

We should live our life the way we have mapped it out, do not live a borrowed life.  If you are in a situation that is not okay by you, change it.  You will only be postponing the inevitable because it will still crash.  In other to live a fulfilled life we should be in the right career. If you are already on the wrong part of life you can either continue on this part or you make a drastic change. Ask yourself this question, am I enjoying what I am doing currently?  If the answer is no, then it’s time for a change.
Do not do it to please anyone including your parents. If you are in a toxic relationship, break up and be with someone that makes you happy. I cannot bear to see young people waste their life all in the name of pretence. Real happiness will only come when you rule your life and your habits will go a long way to tell the whole story.

5.      Be generous to those around you

It is important for us to be generous at every opportunity.  “Give and it will be given unto you”. It doesn’t matter how small. There is a certain feeling you have when you render help to your fellow men and friends. It gives you a sense of fulfillment when you render alms. If you haven’t been practicing this try it. Give out and see the effect it has on the person, by so doing, you have lifted the persons spirit which have in turn impacted on your own spirit as well. This habit will ensure that your pocket is never dry because in giving you have invested your goodwill in another person’s life account which will grow and yield interest in your life.

6.      Exercise daily and keep a good work routine


I usually work out and exercise once in a while to keep shape. Exercising gives us strength and improves our stamina and well being. To lift up our endurance and determination we can go swimming on weekends or visit a gym. Anyone that works for us can be engaged in.  It doesn’t matter how long we engage in this exercise, what matters is our dedication to it. Exercise tones the body, gives us a better look, shape and keeps the blood pumping at optimum level. 
A good work routine in the house can also be an alternative to a visit in the gym. A regular house chore can go a long way of ensuring we are happy from healthy living.

7.      Get more sleep

Yes! Sleep is important. The body needs to rest in other to function properly.  Sleep when the body says so.  Do not stress yourself out all in the name of work.  In other to live a happy life, we need to create a good work life balance. Most people I have spoken with have broken this rule a lot. They have a habit of keeping late nights and suppressing it with coffee the next day.  This is a very wrong habit.  If you take a note of our performance output in a week you will find out that your output is below average this is as a result of lack of sleep.
Get enough sleep today my friend, it will only ensure you’re happier in the long run do not worry about tomorrow. Plan your schedules and do them at the appropriate time.

8.      Earn and spend money wisely

You should have an attitude for saving. This will essentially bail you out on the rainy day.  Have a financial plan and workout how much of your finance will go into capital projects.  Indulging in other forms of fast money making opportunities will only leave you heartbroken. This occurs 90 percent of the time. Forms of gambling and other wrong investment will steal away your joy and happiness. Do not make them a habit as it will have a negative impact. Earn money wisely through investment and business deals.  Nothing better than legitimate money, you live a free life with your family, you are happy and not in any form of fear and anxiety. If it is illegitimate, you won’t enjoy the money as you will have issues with the government, cops etc.

9.      Procrastination is not a virtue

The number one enemy of success and happiness is procrastination.  It is the avoidance of doing a task which needs to be accomplished. It is also means carrying out task that are less urgent instead of focusing on the important ones. Procrastination can make us forget what to do at the right time. To ensure happiness we need to do the right things at the right time. If we procrastinate, we can forget to do certain things which will result in lost opportunities which can be lost forever.  An opportunity lost cannot be gained. Time waits for no man. Stop procrastinating today and live a happy life of your dreams.

10.  Know what you want and go for it.

Find something to make a living out of that is meaningful to you. Something that you love doing that brings you joy. Find something that you won’t get tired of doing, whether you are being paid for it or not.  Harness your talents and think deep to find this gift, give life and purpose to this gift. Challenge yourself to earn a living from this gift.  Work hard to get it recognized by people.  Try to earn a living from it. This is important for the sustenance of this gift. Do not waver or lose focus. This is the sure way of being happy doing what you love doing. 

Action can help us achieve a happy life.

There you have it; 10 habits that will ensure a life of happiness. If you have not being doing the above, make a commitment and start today.  If you have been doing some of them, kudos to you, keep it up.

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