Thursday, 20 October 2016

7 Fundamental Rules That Will Ensure A Successful Life

7 fundamental rules that will ensure a successful life

Living a life of success is not something that comes easily. Everyone has a different background and lifestyle. The combination of both determines how successful the person will be. Some people are born into rich homes, born with silver spoons and this makes them comfortable. Their future is already mapped out. But do you know those fortunes and riches may not even determine success or happiness in life? There are basic fundamental practices which you can practice to ensure a life of success. Self improvement can occur if we develop our inner self and abide by these rules.
Being successful is an inside job, because the desire to be successful may lie in your heart, but the ability to create success lies in your head. The truth is that ‘success’ lives within you all the time, but your ability to access it depends on your state of mind. The only way we can be successful is to harness our inner power and desire to do our best in all situations. Always having a positive mind and outlook will help in making you a success in every situation you find yourself.
We all want to achieve success so we could live a comfortable life—have financial freedom, drive a nice car, and live in a beautiful house. However, although success can be achieved, it does not come easy. Is there someone who doesn’t want to be a more successful and effective person? Well, there are probably some people who would love spending their days watching TV shows, eating, sleeping, and doing nothing useful. Most of us don’t dream about becoming such persons. We want to achieve great goals and be an example for the generations to come. In this article, I am providing 7 fundamental rules to follow to live a successful life; get in tuned with them.

1.                  Commitment to the journey
They say a journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. If you are not committed to a journey how will you finish it? For instance, an Olympic athlete is always seen preparing for the games even if it is in a year’s time because he needs to be a medalist. Long distance runners (800m,1500m) practice and run distances just to get prepared, what of triathlons and decathlons runners. That is how you are supposed to be committed to the journey of life. Are you committed? Why do u quit? Do you quit because the money is low? Do you quit because you can't find the right people? When do you say it's over? See your dreams to the end and do not relent even if a small obstacle comes in between your success. Challenges come in different forms but once you can single them out then you’re in the right path.

2.                Never lose hope
No matter how bleak things look. Hope is the rope that will pull you up. It is your connection, your stairway, to get your dreams and expectations realized. Never leave the rope of hope. When you leave the rope then you have given up on that dream. Even the richest men in the world started from somewhere. Why are you discouraged my friend. Do your best. Stand up from your bed of slumber and make yourself useful. Take a roll call and decide what you want to do with your life. If you do not achieve anything in a day give yourself a dirty slap. Add value to yourself, if not you will find yourself adding to someone else’s life.
In fact, throw the box out altogether, and start following your heart wherever it leads you. This can be as simple as following your highest excitement in the moment.

3.      Manage your time.
Time management is very important in your life. Time does not stop for any one. That is why it is important to do something with the time you are in this world. Putting off important tasks until the last minute can cause you unnecessary stress, and increase the likelihood of errors and negligence. Manage your time so that you have enough time to complete tasks effectively. Use reminders on your smart phone and make use of its electronic timer for better time management. Make a list of all the things you need to do in a given day, and check off each task as you complete it. This will help you stay organized and motivated. If you look at successful people in this world they are organized and work with time. Time management is important in everyday endeavors. If you have a problem keeping with time ensure you set it 1 hour before time. This will enable you accommodate excess delays. I am so guilty of this point but I have made improvements on my time management. I set up schedules like meetings, appointments one hour before time this is to make me keep on time even if unforeseen circumstances occur. You too can learn from time management tactics.

4.      Be wary about your environments
The environment around us has a huge impact on all our levels of consciousness (subconscious and unconscious) . This includes the place we live in, friends we have, things we read, people we see and the list goes on. The environment which is our immediate surrounding consists of different kinds of people with varying characters. Only emulate the good characters which we come across. Environment is contagious. Thomas A Edison said he was able to become a successful inventor because he placed himself in the company of people who were much smarter than him. He was then able to learn from people who inspired him. We form most of our thoughts in response to the environments we inhabit. Kindly do this little experiment. Put yourself in company of people who are into gambling, or participating in other interests out of your comfort zone, for a period of time. Monitor your thoughts and emotions during this experiment. Most likely your thoughts will be correspondent to the environment you subjected yourself to. You will find yourself doing these things not out of your own will but due to influences around you. Always be in a company of people who know what they’re doing. Success is contagious it is only through association that we can have opportunities to be successful.

5.       Have a good routine
Having a good routine is a sure rule of living a successful life. You can surely achieve notable success if you stick with a well-established routine. However, routine has its way of undermining your efficiency. If you don’t do anything different, you’ll soon get bored of your daily activities; no matter how committed you are to the goals you’ve set. Try something new! Start exercising, visit new places, try exotic meals, and surpass your insecurities. Meet new people and learn from them!

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6.      Get enough sleep and rise early
Early rise stimulates the better performance of human’s brain; it helps us to understand better essence of certain problems and find fresh and reasonable solutions for them. But don’t forget that you need to get enough of sleep, so try to go to bed early. In addition to the utility of an early rise, it also gives you extra time, which you can usefully spend on anything you like. Early helps to stimulate our body and get us that kick to start the day.

7.       Keep on learning
To be successful in life we need to keep on learning every day, do not feel the need to stop learning if you see something is new to you. Try to see how that can add to your knowledge. Don’t learn bad things it will only reduce your potential. One doesn’t have to be a leader to be successful in life. So for me it is most important to constantly learn something new and try to stay informed, which is not an easy feat today. I see a big difference in older people: people who are eager to learn into high age, who are interesting and living a quite full live, in comparison to people who have few interests and start complaining. – To have lots of interests and never stop learning is very important for your overall happiness and to be successful in life.

There you have it 7 essential rules which will enable you live a successful life. Try these out and see how things will turn around for good. You can add yours in the comment box.