Saturday, 8 October 2016

7 Essential Positive Thinking Practices You Should Know (An Everyday Guide)

7 essential positive thinking practices you should know
A Positive Thinker

To stay positive you should learn to allow only positive thoughts rule you. This is a rejoinder from my previous article about the importance of positive thinking. To be an optimist or a good positive thinker you need to un-learn wrong practices and negative thoughts that spoil your mood, learn practices that boost your morale and leave you lively then re-learn new behaviours which will make you live the best lives. The following steps below should be practiced and mastered, till they become part of us.

  • 1.      Always expect good things to happen, depending on your dream. If you are focused on wealth creation go for it. If it is success in life think about it every day always make the right decision when the opportunity presents itself. Do not doubt or second guess any opportunity that presents itself. Look for opportunities that will lead to achieving your goal and pounce on them. The more you remain positive about a goal the more that opportunity presents itself to you in a platter of gold. Note that you must be ready to take the risk and make a decision in other to exploit this chance. Any pessimistic thought will make you loss that opportunity for ever. This positive thinking exercise will help you in the long run.

  • 2.      If you have any new project or activity coming up, stop and visualize the positive outcome of that project. The feel good hormone should go through your body as you meditate on the success this will bring you. For no reason should you consider fear or get scared if not, it will just come true. Kick out any negative thought and go for it. But ensure you map out a strategy to bring this new project home and reap the benefits. This positive thinking strategy will put you in a good position to make this project a success.

  • 3.      Think positive and remove negative thoughts from your mind. Replace negative with positive ones and create room for more to come in.  Positivity is essential to productivity. Any time you find yourself thinking negatively stop and think the opposite. The more you exercise the mind to produce positive thoughts the more you’re productive and successful.

  • 4.      Stop hanging out with negative people. This people drain you every time you together and they prevent you from reaching your positivity potential. This is even more difficult if the person the person is a good friend, the only way is to detach yourself from them because they will only keep poisoning your mind. Some of them are unwilling to change and due to this stubborn nature their influence on you can be very strong. Hang around more with positive people that will energize you with positive thoughts and advice.

  • 5.      Be optimistic every time, no more saying I can’t, instead change it to I can. Even if you have doubts at the back of your mind that it is a tall order. You know you can do it if you set your mind to it. Anything is possible with optimism. We have the power in our hands to make anything work out for us only by being positive in mind and heart. Let your actions show positivism.

  • 6.      Do things that make you happy! If you don’t feel like engaging in an activity, don’t. You should always give room for our minds to engage in activities that strengthen it. This does not mean you should neglect other people because their activities does not bring us joy, I am only saying you should try to keep a level mind and be free, with time you will realize that even those activities that annoy or bore will be bearable once we become positively minded.

  • 7.      Show confidence anywhere you find yourself. Sit-up whenever you sitting. Walk with head held high like you just won a lottery and keep your shoulders straight. Express yourself confidently when in social gatherings. Exercise regularly to keep fit and be healthy. Physical attributes help confidence and can portray you in a good light.

Practice the above exercises and see your positive nature increase everyday till it becomes part of you. Positive thinking can help you to do your best each day. It can also help you to look back at things that happen along the way and view them as positive life lessons. In addition, in sharing positive mood and positive experiences, you and those around you enjoy an emotional boost.

I hope these positive thinking exercises help to transform your life. If they work for you, let me know through the comments box below. If they don’t, let me know too.  Share in your social media so people can learn from this article.